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Support sustainable environment while enjoying IT

Why Bhojpur Consulting?

The Bhojpur Consulting is a pure play technology company building high performance products for small, medium, and large enterprises. We believe that great products shouldn't just look good, it should do good job too. We host all of our products & services directly using scalable and sustainable Cloud Computing infrastructure and make sure part of the profits are reinvested in research & development.

What we offer

The Bhojpur Consulting is the ultimate spot for technology lovers who want to learn about their origin and support the enterprises that support it. We take technology production, hosting, and supporting seriously and we’re glad to pass that knowledge to anyone.

We sell green and hosted software that are sourced directly from independent consultants. We’re proud to offer a variety of technology products developed with great care for the environment and local communities. Check our post or contact us directly for current availability.

We offer a small, but carefully curated selection of technology gears and tools for every need and experience level. No matter if you make your own services or just bought your first producr, you’ll find a gadget to fall in love with in our shop.

Our values

The Information Technology is an amazing part of human evolution but it has a dark side too – one of vendor lock-in and mindless abuse of resources and human lives. We want to turn this around and return the trade to its glory, empowering and unifying nature.

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